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Chinese companies to capitalise on Brexit in UK

Many Chinese companies feel Brexit will lead to more investment opportunities, making UK a much more attractive destination to do business with, says a new survey. The Ipsos Mori poll assesses the attractiveness of Europe and the UK as investment destinations. Majority of Chinese respondents said they were likely to make future investments in the UK because post Brexit.

A total of 360 companies from China, Germany, France, the UK, and the US participated in the poll which was commissioned by Brussels-based investment trade association, Invest Europe. 58 per cent of the 81 Chinese companies that disclosed their preference said they were more likely to invest in the UK during the next five years. The participating Chinese companies conduct operations in a numerous sectors and have either made the decision to invest internationally in the last 12 months, or have previously considered investing in a European company.

Michael Collins, Chief Executive of Invest Europe, says the results reflect the potential for new trade relations between the UK and other international markets, including China. He feels companies might see a way in which, post-Brexit, the UK might become even more open to foreign direct investment than it has been in the past. Some international companies may be banking on continued favourable pricing of sterling-denominated assets, following a drop in the value of the pound post Brexit.

In the poll, 55 per cent of investors from Germany and 52 per cent of investors based in France said they were less likely to invest in the UK because of its decision to leave the EU. Fifty two per cent of respondents from the United States said Brexit would not change their investment plans in relation to the UK.