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Brazilian Textile Firms Thrive at Emitex Trade Fair in Argentina


The annual Emitex trade fair, held from April 25th to 27th, brought together over 100 textile manufacturers, including thread, flat weave, and knitwear producers, as well as suppliers of materials, tools, accessories, and software machines. Brazilian companies Audaces, Santaconstancia, and Cardenas participated in the event with the support of Texbrasil, a program established through a partnership between Abit and ApexBrasil.

Emitex is an ideal platform for establishing contacts and gathering information for future productions. Brazilian companies exceeded expectations, generating 980 contacts and achieving revenue of over US$3 million in just three days.

Argentina's textile imports in 2022 grew by 29.8%, reaching approximately US$1.4 billion, indicating a resurgence in purchases and consumption in the country. Emitex, serving Latin America for nearly two decades, plays a vital role as a business generator for the sector.

Emitex showcased the latest advancements in design, products, and services with a focus on sustainability and technological innovation. The Denim Station, a popular attraction, provided insights into the Jeanswear segment. The event also offered an online catalog for companies to update their information for up to a year and a half after the exhibition.


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