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Bluesign launches New Public Sustainability GUIDE


Bluesign, a pioneering force in chemical management systems, announces a groundbreaking advancement in sustainability and transparency with the launch of the public bluesign GUIDE at 

This move exemplifies their steadfast commitment to shaping a more sustainable future and empowering businesses and consumers alike. The open-access GUIDE requires no registration, encouraging widespread adoption of sustainable practices across industries. 

Companies featured in the GUIDE gain heightened visibility, presenting a unique opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Notably, the GUIDE's integration of direct links facilitates seamless communication of sustainable achievements, emphasizing a dedication to responsible business practices. 

With QR codes for effortless certification verification, the GUIDE fosters trust and transparency between companies and consumers. The platform promises real-time updates, ensuring users stay abreast of the latest sustainable knowledge. 

As a catalyst for future innovations, the public GUIDE lays the foundation for transformative tools like the CUBE and the GUIDE, evolving from verification mechanisms to dynamic platforms for sustainable material sourcing.



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