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Berling Fashion Week exhibits caring attitude

Berlin Fashion Week was held from July 4 to 6. The event highlighted that sustainable production and operations have really arrived and are being embraced by brands, manufacturers and consumers. The hippy eco image of the past is being superseded by a natural and more caring approach to resources, workers and production conditions. Production volumes and locations are being challenged and, where necessary, alternatives are being found. Many are producing products not only sustainably but also to a high standard of quality.

The twin fairs Ethical Fashion and Green Showroom were wholly devoted to organic fashion. Exhibitors were trendier than before. If Italy, one of the world’s greatest forces in the world of fashion, is giving sustainability a chance, there is no doubt people are going to sit up and listen. The focus of this latest push on sustainability remains firmly on design and style, as the one should never exclude the other.

Premium at Gleisdreieck is deemed one of the most important hubs at the Berlin trade shows. The majority of exhibitors appeared to be pleased with the outcome of the event. Exhibitors included the Düsseldorf-based label Wunderwerk, launched in 2012 and features sustainable and fair trade fashion. Premium attracts all the buyers and decision makers currently in the market and customers aren’t necessarily looking for a sustainable collection but want fashion and quality and value for money.