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B.I.G. Yarns revolutionizes sustainable design at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024


B.I.G. Yarns makes a grand entrance at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, unveiling a groundbreaking fusion of sustainable craftsmanship, vibrant hues, and innovative design. As a pivotal moment for the design industry, the event serves as a global stage for B.I.G. Yarns to redefine the future of spaces with their eco-conscious yarn materials.

The spotlight shines on their array of future yarns, meticulously crafted from renewable sources and recycled content, including the revolutionary low-impact PA6 carpet yarn. Offering a comprehensive solution, B.I.G. Yarns presents their coveted Eqo-range, featuring the sustainably focused EqoBalance, EqoCycle, and EqoYarn, alongside Solution Dyed BCF PA6 nylon.

Glenn Hyzak, Global Sales Director Yarns, emphasizes the company's dedication to reducing environmental footprint while empowering designers with a spectrum of vibrant hues. At the heart of their ethos lies the belief that sustainability should not compromise artistic expression, evidenced by their eco-friendly yarn solutions that offer unparalleled color freedom.

Clerkenwell attendees are treated to an immersive experience at B.I.G. Yarns' booth, where the Sustainable Yarns platform takes center stage, guiding industry professionals towards responsible manufacturing practices. The Color Studio captivates visitors with a kaleidoscope of sustainable design options, showcasing the seamless integration of design, color, and sustainability.

Belinda Ottevaere, B.I.G. Yarns Key Account Manager, champions the convergence of design and sustainability, foreseeing a future where spaces are tailored to evoke sensory experiences. Initiatives like the 'Catch the Color' event empower designers to curate bespoke color palettes, revolutionizing the narrative from 'form follows function' to 'form follows feeling.'



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