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Alkhemist uses hemp for garments

American company Alkhemist is making garments out of hemp. Hemp is a non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana. The company has launched a women’s collection of hemp-infused tees, jeans and trucker jackets and comfy hemp leisurewear. In jeans, some hemp content varies between 6 to 50 per cent. But hemp is going to be a regular staple in the company’s everyday apparel composition. The company grows the cannabis. After the flowers are extracted for medicinal and recreational use, the leaves and stems are collected and processed to produce fabric.

Women wear have summer bell bottom wide flare, shorts, the skinny and the cargo. Because this is a hemp lifestyle, it’s a capsule collection based. A range for men, children and even babies in the offing with hemp diapers, which will be naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor.

Alkhemist is not only cultivating new cannabis products but is innovating with the future of denim and apparel by merging the two worlds as a vertically integrated operator in the legal cannabis sector. The brand hopes to encourage a socially conscious hemp lifestyle. It’s advocating a whole hemp lifestyle - hemp paper straws, hemp plastic and more.


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