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AGI Denim targets 50 per cent GHG reduction by year-end


In its debut sustainability report, Pakistan’s AGI Denim, has set an ambitious target: a 50 per cent absolute reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3 by the close of this year. Looking towards 2050, AGI is resolutely committed to achieving net-zero GHG emissions company-wide.

To realize this vision, AGI Denim has taken various steps, initiating a groundbreaking carbon sequestration project in collaboration with WWF Pakistan. The company is embracing cleaner technologies, integrating renewable energy, implementing green infrastructure, and optimizing operational efficiency. A pivotal move was AGI's active participation in the Carbon Leadership Program, spearheaded by the Apparel Impact Institute, Reset Carbon, and other key partners, where the company absorbed innovative GHG reduction strategies. Notably, the program's scope expanded to include AGI's garment factory and laundry facilities in 2022.

As part of its comprehensive sustainability approach, AGI is also intensifying its use of sustainable and low-impact materials, with a bold target of reaching 90 per cent this year. A significant development in 2022 was AGI's collaboration with Oritain, a product verification company, to launch a traceability pilot, providing verifiable confirmation of the country of origin for randomly selected materials.

The sustainability narrative extends beyond environmental considerations, as AGI highlights its commitment to social responsibility. Initiatives such as sign language training for employees and collaboration with NOWPDP underscore AGI's dedication to ensuring equitable job access for disabled individuals. This comprehensive and forward-thinking strategy positions AGI Denim at the forefront of sustainable and socially responsible business practices.


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