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Waste management, technological upgradation, change in mindset to ensure textile manufacturing excellence

The fourth session of the CEO Conclave focused on the theme of Manufacturing Excellence: the success mantra in these competitive times. The session was chaired by Darlie O Koshy, Director General and CEO, ATDC. It focused on bringing efficiencies in manufacturing and production process and competing successfully in the highly competitive markets.
“Manufacturing excellence can be achieved through optimum utilisation of resources, alongwith manpower, organisational structure and skill development,” said RN Nolkha, Managing Director, Nitin Spinners at the fourth session of the CEO Conclave, held by DFU Publications in association with the Textile Association of India in Hyderabad. The session focused on the theme of Manufacturing Excellence: the success mantra in these competitive times.  “We also need to check the issue of waste in the industry to sustain more effectively in the longer term. Conservation of energy also ensures a profitable business.  We also need to maintain quality parameters for the domestic manufacturing,” he added.

Increasing the share of manmade fibers

D Ghosh, Sr General Manager, Oerlikon, added, “We need the same restructuring and rethinking to increase the share of manmade fibres in the country.  The government has set the target of $350 billion business in the next five years.  We need to think how to increase this share and there is no solution to this other than raising the share of manmade fibers.

External excellence to ensure business relevancy

Charan Singh, VP and Regional Director, TUV Rheinland (India),  stated that “the industry is quite fragmented so it makes sense to have everything under one name. You need to have a right kind of product. In addition to internal excellence, we need to take care of external excellence also. Ashok Juneja, Director, Tanik Business Solutions, advocated technological upgradation to survive in the industry, “to stay relevant in business, you need to be technologically upgraded all the time,” he said. Mihir Parekh, Director, Telangana Mega Textile Park, on the other hand urged the brands to also evaluate the risks while expanding their businesses in India. 
The session concluded with the remarks of the Conference Director Rahul Mehta who proposed 12-point action plan to achieve manufacturing excellence in the industry. He urged the industry to primarily change its mindset. “Nothing can happen if you ask your workforce to change. You have to lead the change in the organisation,” he said. 
 Darlie O KoshyDr. Darlie Koshy, Dir Gen & CEO, ATDC  Mihir ParekhMihir Parekh, Dir, Telangana Mega Textile Park  Manjit SinghManjit Singh, CEO, Paramount Industries
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 Ashok JunejaR Ashok Juneja, Dir, Tanik Business Solutions  B K BeheraB. K. Behera, Professor & Head, IIT DELHI  D GhoshD Ghosh, Sr. GM, Oerlikon
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