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Uzbekistan to modernise cotton, textile production

The Government of Uzbekistan recently issued a resolution on measures to introduce modern forms of cotton and textile production.

This is a part of an experiment involving 13 enterprises beginning with the cotton crop this year, domestic textile enterprises can directly order and make advance payment to farmers and producers for producing cotton.

A business news portal in the country reported that thirteen enterprises have been permitted to participate in this experiment.

The enterprises will be subject to certain restrictions provided for farmers on acquisition of agricultural machinery in leasing, supply of mineral fertilisers, seed, fuel and lubricants, chemical protection products of plants and other material resources.

Cotton fibre, produced for its own needs within the cotton-textile production, is certified on a voluntary basis in the country. In general, cotton fibre is subject to mandatory certification.

The resolution permitted banks to lend cotton producers and textile manufacturers in 2018 and approved financing schemes by enterprises for farmers.