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US simplifies labeling rules

The procedure for labeling clothing, fur and textile labels in the US will be streamlined.

There are some outdated, excessive, or unnecessary regulations that create significant burdens on the US economy, with little benefit to consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission is updating the rules to apply web-based electronic filings of requests to cancel, obtain or update registered identification numbers (RN) used on fur, textile and wool product labels.

The web-based RN system will foster a more seamless application process for participating companies and boost the agency’s label compliance services to consumers.

FTC’s site now features real-time data validation for users and alerts them about potential errors in labeling to avoid delays. The system currently has more than 1,40,000 entries and the FTC urges industry members with RN numbers to visit the website to verify that their information is correct.

FTC rules dictate that most apparel, fur and textile products must contain a label that identifies the manufacturer responsible for handling and marketing the item. With the updated RN system, companies may easily obtain an RN without having to put extended company names on labels.

Marketers are also allowed to disclose a trademark used as a housemark— a distinctive mark used to identify a marketer or manufacturer’s products—on the tag instead of their business name.