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U.K.P. Accessories introduces innovative anti-counterfeit

‘UKP Brand Protection’ provides brands with a covert anti-counterfeit measure integrated into garment labels and trims. U.K.P. Accessories has introduced revolutionary anti-counterfeit technology that allows a covert material to be integrated into various garment labels and trimming products. The technology will allow brands to produce garments and accessories carrying labels and trims that can be quickly and easily authenticated to ensure they are genuine.

“With counterfeiting, an issue of high concern for clothing brands worldwide, ‘UKP Brand Protection’ provides a cost-effective solution that can be easily implemented,” explains Steve Starkey, Managing Director of U.K.P. Accessories. “We work with brands to find a solution that fits into their anti-counterfeit procedure which is enabled by the flexibility of application of the technology.”

The covert material is integrated into products during the production process and is a permanent part of the label or trim. Swing tickets and other printed items can have the material combined with printing inks, while with woven labels, the material is mixed with the polyester yarns. A simple detector is then used, providing the user with a light and sound notification to authenticate the presence of the anti-counterfeit material.

Another feature of the technology is that it is entirely covert, not only being invisible to the naked eye, but also not visible under any special lighting such as UV and infrared. This ensures it cannot be copied and only verified using the specific detection device. “We are excited to be able to offer our innovative solution to brand owners and managers and help bring some peace of mind to counterfeit struggles.” added Steve Starkey.

U.K.P. Accessories provides garment branding solutions to clothing brands worldwide, with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, India and China. The company produces a wide range of garment labels, trims and packaging products, created to customer’s bespoke requirements.