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Turkish home textile makers looking for faces to market their products

Turkey's home textile makers are hiring people to represent their brands in other countries, to help market their products better and increase sales. One of the biggest problems Turkey’s mill owners face when doing business abroad is not knowing the language and culture of particular regions. Brand ambassadors are expected to smoothen the interface.

In terms of business, Turkey feels the bad days are over in terms of exports and that reaching double digits in home textile exports to Europe is a promising improvement. The industry has the necessary infrastructure and raw materials. Each kilogram of home textile product is priced around $12, making it more profitable than the automotive sector. Eighty per cent of the value produced in the automotive comes from abroad, while in the case of home textiles it is only 25 per cent. The rest is processed in Turkey.

The Russian crisis has forced Turkish exporters to enter new markets as far as the Far East. Turkey mostly exports towels to the US and upholstery fabric and curtains to the EU and China. China's growing number of wealthy wants Turkish fabric on their furniture. The home textile industry is seeking permanent markets in order to be able to expand in other countries.