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Thomas Krautschneider is the new chairman of ETSA

Thomas Krautschneider is the new chairman of European Textile Services Association. He is the CEO of Salesianer Miettex, a family-owned Austrian company, founded in 1916, and employing 2,450 people, with 22 plants across Austria and eight other countries.

The textile services industry is a major contributor to the European economy, with a current annual turnover of €12 billion and employing 1,35,000 people in the EU. The textile services market has grown in almost every segment and product type in recent years.

ETSA members are committed to lifecycle thinking and ecological principles. This means long-lasting textiles, lower energy and water consumption in the textile care process, and eco-friendly detergents. ETSA aims to dispose of textiles in an environmentally acceptable manner at end-of-life, which means they are recycled or used as raw material for power generation. ETSA’s goal is to promote and defend industry’s interests in close cooperation with suppliers and national associations within a European context. It values fair competition, eco-efficiency and sustainability.

Salesianer Miettex’s core business is comprehensive provision of rented textiles for hotels and restaurants, work wear for industry, trade and commerce, and textile supply for the health services sector. It offers clean room textiles, washroom hygiene, and dust control mats and graphic mats. The company has a clear commitment to quality, hygiene and sustainability.