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Officina+39 exhibits latest technologies and collaborations at Denim Première


Officina+39 showcased its latest creations in chemical applications dedicated to the textile sector at the recent dition of Denim Premiere Vision. Held from October 13-14 in Milan, the trade show exhibited Officina +39’s latest innovation, Novascraper Indigo. This technology allows manufacturers to give a natural vintage look to denim garments through laser finishing, an actual innovative alternative to manual scraping. Novascraper Indigo guarantees a natural effect with unparalleled quality and accuracy, requiring less manpower and less rejection rate when compared to manual scraping.

Officina+39's technical achievements are constantly at the service of the fashion industry to develop Trustainable™ projects. Officina+39 and TejidosRoyo joined forces to create a denim line that drastically reduces water consumption: this is “The Sixth Sense”, a project concretely inspired by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and specifically by its SDG6, calling to action to ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Officina+39 personally accepts this global challenge by contributing to the realization of “The Sixth Sense” with itsAqualess Mission.

Focused on driving sustainability in the textile industry, TejidosRoyo on its side pioneered the use of low-impact fibers and yarns as a raw material and the implementation of foam-dyeing technology with its Dry Indigo®, the first-ever technology to foam-dye denim with zero water use and no water discharge.

At Officina+39 the word “waste” becomes synonymous with opportunity, a source to create something new, fostering true, Trustainable™ circularity. This is the background to the collaboration withAtelier Riforma, an innovative startup born in Turin (Italy) with a social vocation. The company's goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, promoting its transition towards a model that is as circular as possible. Atelier Riforma manages the collection of discarded clothing and, through a network of upcycling professionals spread throughout Italy, gives them new life through sartorial creativity.

Through the contribution of Officina+39’s Rectcrom™, it has been possible to obtain new pigment and dyestuff pulverizing discarded garments and pieces usually difficult to recover through tailoring transformation alone. All garments have been supplied and selected by Atelier Riforma.