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Medical textile market to grow at 4.10 per cent CAGR by 2025: Study


A report by Market Study Report LLC forecasts medical textiles market will grow at a CAGR of 4.10 per cent from 2019-2925. During this period, the value of medical smart textile market will increase from $1,151.80 million to $1,351.30 million, says Apparel Resources.

The data has been prepared after an intense study of the industry segments, distinct geographic regions and major companies, with special importance to the production-consumption ratio. It underlines the major driving forces, identifies the key opportunities and also suggests methods for addressing the existing as well as upcoming challenges. It also unravels the expected market patterns besides predicting the growth rate for the forecast period 2019-2025.

The term medical textile refers to all textiles which are used for first aid, clinical, surgical and hygienic purposes. Recently knitted products are most widely used in medical textiles and its market share is much higher than medical textiles in other forms due its advantages over other techniques of fabric formation.

Although all types of knitting machine available in the market are suitable for producing medical textiles, new range of computerized flat bed knitting machine is ideal for medical textile applications, because the machinery can be used in both small and large batch production.