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Massive surge in google searches for clothes recycling: Survey


A survey by UK-based End of Tenancy Cleaning Services reveals, there has been a massive surge Google searches for clothes recycling in EU countries. Ireland has registered the highest number of searches with around 12,670 people googling how to recycle old clothes. This is followed by high search results in Germany where 9,390 people and the Netherlands where 6,840 people have searched for the same.

On the other hand countries like Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Slovakia have reported the lowest number of searches with 330 searches in Luxembourg, Slovenia and Slovakia are as low as 300 and 270 searches a month, respectively. also analyzed search volumes to find out which of the most-worn items of clothing are recycled most in each of the Top 10 EU countries. The results show shoes to be the most recycled item of clothing in 70 per cent of the ten countries analyzed, including Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain. While jeans are the most recycled item of clothing in 30 per cent of the 10 countries analyzed, including Germany, France, and Italy.