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Major countries may lose interest in EU

Major worldwide markets such as the US, China, Japan, India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are likely to lose interest in the EU, if the full exit of UK from the EU goes ahead. The loss of interest by major markets will be because very few of the people in these countries know any European language, except English.

After Brexit, Ireland will be the only English speaking country left in the EU. This will likely result in a large inflow of EU migrants into Ireland as most EU citizens have English as their second language (very few EU citizens know French, German or other European languages).

For many EU citizens, the possibility of going to the UK without restriction was the cherry on the cake as it was an English speaking country with a good social welfare system and offered a route to other English speaking countries such as the US and Australia through work transfers. However, with Brexit, this facility will go away.

UK's exit will also have its impact on Turkey's plan of joining the EU, which is less likely to materialise now. Holland and Ireland are likely to be the next countries to leave the EU within five years.