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Lenzing to expand report assessment to more stakeholders


As a part of its efforts to make cellulose fibers less environmentally impactful, Lenzing plans to expand assessment of its Materiality Analysis report to more stakeholders in 2020. Originally released in 2015, the report prioritizes sustainable topics that guide its efforts. The rankings in the report reflect the influence of these activities on stakeholder decision making and the impact of Lenzing’s efforts in this area.

Lenzing first identified the relevant topics by gathering information from employees at its Sustainability Day, as well as through interactions with external stakeholders. From there, a survey was sent out to key customers, as well as employees at varying levels within Lenzing Group. After this study, the results were plotted on a matrix and reviewed by Austrian sustainability consultancy Denkstatt GmbH.

Since the Materiality Analysis first came out, it has been reviewed in 2017, 2018 and 2019, but the topics and rankings have remained the same. It also served as the basis for the company’s ‘Naturally Positive’ sustainability strategy introduced in 2017.