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Japanese retail giant Aeon launches recovery wear


Aeon is introducing a range of recovery wear called Topvalu Select Celliant. These are undershirts that use the first-ever Celliant fibers from Hologenix that are pure white in color. Many men prefer to wear white undershirts under their business shirts in Japan and in response Aeon planned and developed the pure white Celliant undershirt. Topvalu Select Celliant offers the benefits of Celliant, a responsive textile that captures and converts body heat into infrared, with the pure white color Aeon customers prefer. Topvalu Select Celliant is registered as a general medical device in Japan. Celliant mineral-infused fabrics have been shown to help regulate body temperature and improve local circulation in healthy individuals for faster recovery, better sleep and stronger performance during the day.

Aeon is a Japanese retail giant. Aeon Retail, incorporated in 1986, owns and operates general merchandise stores and supermarkets in Japan. Aeon is switching out existing acousto-magnetic electronic article surveillance systems for Checkpoint Systems’ radio frequency identification RF EAS systems to improve inventory management and the shopping experience. Aeon Retail will also pioneer Checkpoint’s RFID robot prototype to automate the in-store inventory cycle-counting process so it can improve inventory visibility and enhance the shopper experience. Shopping at Aeon means beautifully displayed products, immaculate shopping areas and reasonable prices.