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ITC, IAF tie up to support garment manufacturers


The International Trade Centre (ITC) will partner International Apparel Federation (IAF) to support associations of garment manufacturers in addressing emerging challenges related to competitiveness. IAF will advise garment manufacturers on rules of origin requirements, address new buyer requirements in markets, reduce the environmental footprint of garment manufacturing and empower women’s work along the supply chain. ITC and IAF will co-create trainings in this regard. ITC has plans to address digitalization and to engage in a more collaborative relationship with brands and retailers using digital technologies. ITC wants to ensure that its partners and beneficiary companies in developing countries have the best support to meet the environmental and human rights requirements of global buyers. The initiative is being done under the International Trade Centre's Global Textiles and Clothing Programme (GTEX) in North Africa, Middle East (MENATEX), Central Asia and Madagascar.

ITC shares with IAF a strong focus on apparel industry associations. IAF’s knowledge and network will join forces with ITC's knowledge and network to provide optimal support to the industry associations and their member companies involved.

The pandemic has drastically accelerated changes in the textile and clothing sector. More than ever, companies are expected to demonstrate a rigorous level of corporate responsibility and commitment. Due diligence regulations related to environmental, social, and human rights in the United States and the European Union, for example, urge companies to have a high degree of verification throughout the supply chain to be able to export to these markets.