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Dongyang MirAcle develops UHMWPE, one of the strongest synthetic fibers

Korea’s Dongyang MirAcle successfully developed ‘Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarn,’ one of the strongest among synthetic fibers which have led Korea's technical textile industry. It established the research center in 2007 to develop high tenacity fiber, new material fiber and automation facilities. An official of the Dongyang MirAcle explained that MirAcle which has been produced through gel spinning has specific strength 15 times higher than steel wire, and it has excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance. He added that since it has an excellent abrasion resistance and can be used in extremely harsh conditions, the scope of application will be widened.

Dongyang claims to be the only company in the world which can supply HDPE yarns in all range of tensile strength since it has developed not only gel spun UHMWPE yarn, MirAcle but also melt spun HDPE yarn.

Owing to the limitation of domestic technology, the UHMWPE yarn and melt spun HDPE yarn were all imported. Since the import volume was limited, the development of new applications using high tenacity HDPE yarns has been too slow. However, the MirAcle which has excellent quality compared to other companies was specialized in order to develop customized products by supplying excellent tenacity, creep characteristics, coating performance and customized specification.

The developed product can be applied to military supplies such as bulletproof jacket and bulletproof helmet, leisure and sports goods, and used for high performance rope, high performance fishing net, industrial safety gloves, protection gears, mountain bike frame, rock climbing rope, paragliding, fiber reinforced concrete, high performance motorcycle helmet, baseball stadium net, dental floss, gastro scope wire, industrial fabric, non-woven fabric, staple fiber and suture, etc.