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Cotton can help reduce textile waste, says Bremen Cotton Exchange


Bremen Cotton Exchange highlights, cotton can substitute plastic in various important product ranges and help the industry reduce waste. The agency says, cotton can be used to develop technical textiles for lightweight construction purposes, into the automotive and aircraft sector for the production of bio-based material, and for nonwovens in sanitary products.

Retailers like drugstores can offer items made of 100 per cent cotton, for example sanitary napkins or tampons, cotton wool pads, wadding, cleaning wipes and other personal care products as well as cotton buds with paper shaft. Cotton is already been employed for the production of baby diapers. Since cotton is hypo allergic by nature this is beneficial not only for the sensitive baby skin.

These properties along with the special breathability of the fiber make cotton the preferred material for everyday face masks during the current pandemic, too. Cotton fabrics are able to absorb the virus, and dehydrate as well as deactivate.