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Chinese spun yarn prices weaken in April

In China, prices of 40s compact siro spun yarn in Jiangsu were down one US cent a kg in the third week of April while 30s spun viscose in Xiaoshan fell in yuan terms. Offers for ring-spun 30s yarn were down one US cent a kg at the upper end. Spun viscose yarn prices were weak in China, seeing falls in various specs including ring‐spun, rotor‐spun, siro‐spun, compact and siro‐spun and vortex‐spun yarns. Liquidity was dissatisfactory as well.

Discussions for Xiaoshan‐origin ring‐spun 30s yarn were down while in Fujian market prices for siro‐spun and compact and siro‐spun 40s yarn were seen moderating. In India, viscose yarn prices inched up taking advantage of an expected recovery in the global textile market. 30s viscose spun yarn prices were raised again by Rs 1 a kg (up two US cents) in the Indore market.

In Pakistan, prices generally rolled over but weak currency pegged values lower in dollar terms. Since yarn prices have not fallen, spinners may benefit from better margins in domestic markets. 35s viscose yarn price was up three cents a kg due to weak currency and 40s were up four cents a kg in the Karachi market.