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Calik Denim to boost use of recycled cotton


Calik Denim aims to boost the use of recycled cotton in production processes to reduce its environmental impact. The use of such cotton saves great amount of water and preserves unspoiled nature by stopping new agricultural expansion. 1 kilo of recycled cotton saves almost 10.000 liters of water. However, genuinely proving that the final garment is made with recycled material is getting harder every day. The recycled materials travel between several locations and organizations (spinners, dyeing houses, weaving mills, traders, etc.). During this journey, the recycled material can easily be modified or tweaked. So, the original recycled material usage in end-product can be difficult to obtain. That is why the industry works with various certification methods and traceability becomes very important to prevent any greenwashing.

Calik Denim’s sustainability strategy “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life,” is built on the idea that making a positive impact creates a better life. The purpose is to embrace its products, stakeholders, and the environment. Calik Denim is aware of its responsibility to move from the linear business model to a circular approach.

Each year Calik Denim increases use of recycled raw material such as cotton and polyester, lowering its environmental impact. Also, the company believes that collaborating and building partnerships is key to share a coherent messaging about principles of circularity and expand necessary know-how about it. As a part of its 2025 Targets, achieving a 60% use of organic, recycled or BCI Cotton in production and boosting traceability, Calik Denim and Aware™ has kicked off a collaboration on a new capsule collection. New off-season collection includes 4 different products and it is made with fully traceable recycled materials.