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Bangladesh RMG factories become more sustainable

Bangladesh’s readymade garment factories are getting environment-friendly. The aim is to create a brand image, improve productivity, reduce health and safety hazards at the workplace and the cost of doing business. The objective of the readymade garment sector is to achieve internationally recognised standards of working conditions in garment factories.

Since Canada is one of the global leaders in green industries, Bangladesh may use the Canadian experience to transform its enterprises. CSR activities make a company innovative and competitive. Slips and trips, falls from heights, back pain, muscular skeletal disorders, occupational asthma, hearing loss, fire, stress and fatigue are the main symptoms of ill-health and accidents at work.

Eco-friendly units help reduce the cost of doing business as they use energy-efficient machinery, consume less electricity and water and increase productivity. Buyers also prefer an environment-friendly factory while placing orders as, among others, it offers comfortable working conditions for workers.

Since the industry in Bangladesh has a vision of touching $50 billion in exports by 2021, a green approach can help the industry achieve the target. Bangladesh has made significant progress in the readymade garment sector over the past two years and major reforms have been undertaken to improve safety, security and labor rights.