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American landfills overflow with discarded clothes

On an average, Americans throw away no less than 10 clothing pieces a year. Not having proper awareness on how to take care of the clothing they buy, they opt to simply purchase more instead. One of the main causes of the dissatisfaction and eventual abandonment of apparel among Americans is a dislike of finicky fabrics that may require more specific and labor-intensive care routines. Chief among them is silk, followed by cashmere, suede, leather and sequined clothing.

Consumers over-launder their garments, especially those made of quality fabrics. Often they never bother to read the care instructions that come attached to their garments. Suits, dress shirts, blazers and sport coats are said to be the hardest to maintain. Sweaters and dresses follow on the list, along with boots, shoes, denim and outerwear.

Storage can be an issue in keeping clothing in top shape. Many are unaware that sweaters should not be hanged. Understanding the different fabrics and the best ways to clean them can make laundering clothes a lot easier and will keep clothing last longer. For instance there is no need to wash jeans after every wear. One of the marks of premium denim is that they don’t need to be washed in order to regain their shape.