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AATCC urges buyers to purchase products through website and authorized dealers


AATCC directly supports products purchased through its website or order team. Authorized resellers also provide genuine AATCC products. Product support, however, should be directed to the reseller who will work with AATCC to resolve any concerns. Buyers can also review the AATCC Buyers Guide located on the AATCC website.

According to the Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods report issued by, in the European Union alone, counterfeit trade represented 6.8 per cent of imports from non-EU countries. These figures do not include domestically produced counterfeit goods or pirated products distributed over the Internet.

Counterfeiting impacts most business sectors and is most pervasive in the textiles and consumer goods markets. Footwear, clothing, and leather goods account for the top three industries most hit. (OECD, 2019)

The criminality surrounding counterfeiting often funds other illegal activity, which frequently strengthens criminal organizations. The escalation of criminal activity creates cascading negative societal consequences.

Counterfeiters increasingly use new technologies and 3D printing to make it harder to spot fakes of quality control materials. They also use new processes to hijack well-known brands to get their products on established e-commerce sites.